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"Healing Heart Monterey" is ranked in the Top 3 among massage therapists in Monterey on Thumbtack!


Healing Heart is about helping you to live at your highest vibration!   Living from and through an open heart is where true healing begins.  At Healing Heart, our mission is for our clients to live a vibrant, joyful life.  We offer in home healing and consulting as well as services at our Monterey Peninsula location.

We are all born with ability to heal ourselves and live a blessed life, we just have to learn how to tap into our own natural abilities.  We guide you with the basics to help you remember what you are capable of.  Our goal is to pamper you from head to toe and to bring out your individual, natural beauty to share with the world. The experienced and talented staff members at Healing Heart of Monterey are among the most qualified in the industry.

Whether you need a full day of relaxation, spiritual life coaching, or a massage, you'll find it here. Check out our services, and call us to make an appointment today!  We  serve Monterey, Pacific Grove,Pebble Beach, Carmel, Carmel Valley and Salinas and we look forward to serving you.


Our Services Include:

  • Melting Massages
  • Fabulous Facials
  • Energy/Sound Healing
  • Surrender Sessions 
  • Reiki Tummo
  • Zone Feet Therapy
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Detox & Toning Wraps

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